Podcast Production

Integrate audio into your marketing mix


Book a date for up to four people (including host) to be recorded by White Stag Digital at your office or location.



White Stag Digital will attend your offices with specialist audio equipment and act as producer and coach for your host and guests.



White Stag Digital will take the recorded audio and provide an initial draft of the podcast and two rounds of edits to get your podcast just right.



White Stag Digital will assist in setting up your podcast architecture as required to help get your podcast onto major platforms.

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Are you a business looking to start podcasting? White Stag Digital offers Podcast Production Services for businesses of all sizes.

Podcasts are a medium on the rise in the UK. The digital landscape is increasing its scope in our daily lives, in 2018 nearly six million adults tuned into weekly podcasts with just under half of these being people under 35. This is opposed to just 29% of the same demographic listening to traditional radio.

As more and more people are tuning into podcasts, businesses are looking to find ways to reach out to a waiting community.

To help businesses, White Stag Digital offers podcast production to ensure your audio output is always to a high standard.

Using professional-grade equipment rather than simply recording on a mobile phone, we bring a service that is both user-friendly and highly professional.

Our Podcasting packages include;

  • Recording sessions for up to 4 people (including host) using professional equipment
  • On-hand support during sessions to ensure a smooth recording
  • Coaching for hosts and guests
  • Technical consultancy in regards to online hosting solutions
  • Creative consultancy to help shape the direction of your podcast
  • Fast turnaround time for edits
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs

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